Monday, August 31, 2009

From an Anticrisis idea to a Solidarity Project.

We are going through a crisis, some of us are better off than others, we have jobs, a home to live in and food on our tables every day. Others are juggling to survive daily.

Who doesn’t know of families suffering financial difficulties? In the past, their members had good jobs, were able to pay their mortgages and had normal lives, maybe without great luxury, but without the stress of not knowing how to pay basic bills; able to enjoy an extra or two now and again. And suddenly there is one or more unemployed person in that family.

I’ve been thinking deeply about that could be done and how we could set up ways to help each other mutually, without having to wait for public administration to step in, as they, despite the work they are doing, are insufficient. Having been a civic volunteer for any years, I prefer to trust in GOOD PEOPLE like yourself, you who are reading this right now and might choose to help us out in this project.
I’m only asking you to use your address book and forward this blog on to as many people as you can and ask them to do the same. We do this every day with jokes, videos and chain letters that offer us good and bad luck. Why not do the same for a solidarity project?
And should you decide to do more to help, even better! You’ll experience a great feeling!

My idea is to set up different headings for the types of help offered and needed: Food; Jobs; Time; Items in good condition; Help exchange; Barter; etc. But I am open to suggestions – I would like this to be a participative blog.

You can participate simply sharing your opinion by clicking
You can leave a comment with your offer of help. .

You can also leave a comment if you feel this blog has helped you, and in this way encourage others to believe that solidarity does exist and can be given and taken and so that someone feels less ALONE.
Thanks for the time you have given us, by reading this far.

Translated: Jenni Hymoff

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