Monday, August 31, 2009


Food given by the Food Bank of Las Palmas/ European Union on July 27 (More than 600 kilos)
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Donations of FOOD

A Food Distribution Project has already been set up in Arguineguín.
The idea came from the Asociación de Vecinos "Las Lomas de Arguineguín" (Neighbours Association) and several neighbours are in charge of this project, but there is never enough help, and there is a lot of need in the area. All the needed paperwork has been done so that this help is legal, (“there is even red tape when helping others....” Good thing that we have volunteers who are not easily frightened!) And help is coming in from the EUROPEAN UNION every few months!

Good-hearted people are also donating food such as pre-cooked foods, fruit and vegetables from their farms (bananas, potatoes, oranges) etc.... A recent charity concert brought in funds for nappies and baby food! Thanks to Elsa McTaggart and Beccy Owen and their families!

The distribution centre has three refrigerators, a freezer and little more. But there is a lot of will to help and energy to do so!
We are located at Calle Miguel Marrero nº 69 (the old teachers’ house, next to the kindergarten/guardería, across the street from the Jewellery shop El Carmen and market square taxi rank) in Arguineguín, on Tuesdays (and sometimes on Thursdays if we have food to distribute) between 6 and 8pm.

A suggestion from Las Lomas (see comment) Would you like to sponsor a food item? Milk, flour, rice .... ?
If you are a businessperson, you can get a good price for your food purchase, and you can even deduct it from your taxes..... !

Would you like to help out?
Send us your comments and please don’t forget to add your contact details so we can answer you.

Translated: Jenni Hymoff

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