Monday, February 1, 2010

Having more than 500 persons on our list

Having more than 500 persons on our list of needy families and needing to acquire food for them all each week, we have begun running a Flea Market every Tuesday morning at the door to our Food Distribution Centre at Miguel Marrero Street number 69, in Arguineguín (next to the nursery school, across from the Market taxi rank).

Open from 9am to 2pm, we sell anything that is donated to us for that purpose. Larger items such as furniture are not exhibited there as we have no space to put them, but if you offer us any piece of furniture we will find it a good home, either amongst our families or selling it through our cooperating shop Aladdin’s Cave (Ancora Shopping Centre and Calle Tanuasú – 637163434 Mandy)

If you wish to donate anything to us, please call 675 831 822 and leave a message or send us an e-mail to

All funds raised are devoted exclusively to acquiring food – our volunteers are not paid for their work and we try to minimise our operating costs by soliciting donations (this blog is a donated effort).
There is a basket at the exit of the Arguineguín Hiperdino for you to purchase an extra item and leave it there for us. If you would like to set up a food-collection basket in a supermarket in your area, please let us know – we would appreciate it.

Our priorities are: rice, gofio, juice, baby food, pasta, nappies, lentils/beans, tinned food for the homeless, flour, sugar, shampoo.....

If you are a business or a club (or a very helpful individual) and would like to sponsor a food item, we would be happy to tell you how much we need and you are welcome to purchase it where you like, at the best price you can find, weekly, monthly or as you prefer. The idea is to not have to worry where the next, say rice or pasta, is coming from. The amount is of course up to you, but as a rule of thumb we give out close to 100 kilos of rice per week, 50 kilos of pasta, 50 kilos of gofio, 100 litres of vegetable cooking oil....

Please tell as many people as possible about our project – we need all the support we can get. Unemployment is growing and state help is drying up.

Thanks for your support!

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