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Some of the associations and companies that help us feed the needy!

A group of concerned persons who actively participate in improving the quality of life for our fellow citizens in the Municipality of Mogán, southwest of Gran Canaria. Established in 1993, the Neighbours’ Association of Las Lomas de Arguineguín works on finding viable solutions to different issues involving social problems, the environment, consumers’ rights, public health…… We coordinate with several other organizations such as  the Norwegian Community of Mogán(made up of several wonderfully generous and caring groups and clubs) , The Food Bank of Las Palmas (European Federation of Food Banks), the Irish Catholic Community of Puerto Rico, the Red Cross, the CAIPSHO Homeless Shelter of San Fernando, the Association for the Unemployed “Bregando Esperanzas”, etc….
We have been distributing basic foods and other items to the needy families who approach us for help since 2008. We collect and distribute food and financial donations, clothing, furniture, household items of all types that are still in usable condition.
We also have a team of volunteers giving language lessons free of charge to anyone interested, in an effort to improve their possibilities for finding a job. Currently we offer Spanish for Foreigners, English, German and Norwegian lessons.
Our operations are centred in Arguineguín where we share a public building belonging to the Town Council of Mogán. It is located next to the Kindergarten on Miguel Marrero street number 69, near the Tuesday Market.
Persons residing in the municipality of Mogán who document their need by means of unemployment papers, debts (mortgage, rent) and identify family members under their charge, etc.
Currently we have over 550 persons on our list, amongst them are all ages, backgrounds, nationalities and each family is different in their needs. Some are retired with insufficient pensions, others are un- or underemployed, ill, single mothers with no benefits or support, unable to work for lack of proper immigrant papers, etc.; some are homeless, addicts, ex-convicts…. Approximately 20% are non-Spanish citizens.
Every Tuesday afternoon between 5 pm and 8 pm we open our doors and sign up the families present and divide the food in stock amongst them. You are welcome to visit us to see our facilities and operations.
With patience, persistence, caring, faith and kindness, we try to help anyone approaching us to regain hope and stay healthy. Our goal is for the families to return to independence as soon as possible.
We receive donations from many different groups and companies, in the form of both funds and food items. We accept everything edible within sell-by date, if packaged (except fruit and vegetables which we can take, if still edible). We cannot accept prepared food unless in some kind of package or container. We are not permitted to distribute left-overs, unpackaged (except for produce) or expired foods.
We need volunteers to raise funds, gather food items, deliver donations to us, collect items such as bread from bakeries at the end of the day and freeze it to be distributed frozen on Tuesdays, to inform us of any available food that we could distribute, to help the needy recover their independence by means of worthwhile occupation, if you are looking for a cleaning-woman, a babysitter, a caretaker for the elderly, even part time or now and again, this can help someone to make some money that will help them feel productive and reduce their debts.
We have a programme called “Adopt a Family” – individuals may commit to covering certain basic expenses for a family (any one or a specific one) such as their utilities, etc., for any amount you choose, or help by covering the expenses for schoolbooks for children, outfits for school, dental expenses, etc. A group of retired ladies (the Hattedamene) are sponsoring baby and children’s food for the over 100 children between newborn and age 12, when there are available funds we purchase nappies for children under age 3.
We have a bank account: Any amount is welcome! if you wish to make a donation earmarked for a special need (dental costs for a child, nappies, rent, eggs, potatoes, baby food, a specific family, transportation, etc.), please state it when making your deposit or transfer. We are deeply grateful for your support!
(IBAN ES62/BIC or Swift CAAMES2A) 2090 5702 6302 0007 6509

Las Lomas Neighbours' Association

Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 Unemployment still high in our municipality

2012 has brought even more unemployment to Mogán and this means that even more people are suffering from lack of a job, of independence through their own earnings and several families have lost their homes by being unable to pay their mortgages.  

This situation has presented greater challenges to the different groups that are trying to help local families over this "recession" and many groups have risen to it with great ideas. 

The Norwegian Community of Mogán continues to be fantastic in its support of the needy:  many great initiatives have raised considerable funds for several purposes:  food, dental costs, orthopædics, and many individuals and local businesses have supplied goods to those in need of them!

Volunteers are giving language lessons to those wishing to improve their CVs:  English, German, Norwegian, Spanish for foreigners.  So many generous and solidary people helping the less fortunate improve their lives...    A short list includes: 

Our fund-raisers: Eli Waage and Ronnaugh Johansen with the Club Los Amigos - our biggest supporters, not only financially but devoting so many events to riase fund for us, spending so much time helping us to fix, sort, assemble, transport plus their moral support, which means so much to us!

Our teachers:  Cille Carlsson, Don McAlpin, Katharina Lemke, Maurice Geiss, Marco Illi, Ken Clarke,

Our deliverers:  Nina Blaafjell, Javier Dominguez, Rachid Radi.

We have to take a moment to remember one of our greatest helpers, who so sadly passed away last October:  Jorunn Stenkler.  Not only did she raise funds continuously for the purchase of baby food and items: Jorunn personally helped several families in bad shape to get back on their feet, by giving them moral support and kindness.  Her empathy and consideration and "Dugnad" were exceptional and it was an honour to work with her for 3 years before she died.  She is deeply missed by us all. 

Our Fixers:  Juan Antonio Martín,  Horst Goeke, Josele Marcos,  Peeter Loos, Manuel Cabrera,

The organizations and companies helping us are numerous and we hope we don't leave any out: 

Sjømannskirken (Norwegian Seamans' Church)
Scandinavian Tourist Church of Puerto Rico
Norwegian Club (Boccia Club, Bridge Club)
HIPERDINO Arguineguin
Tara Animal Respect Association
Comercial Baez
Hotel Cordial

Friday, February 4, 2011

How the Norwegian Community of Mogan has been contributing!

The Norwegian Community of Mogán has been continuously supporting our food purchases with impressive generosity. We are deeply touched and proud to have such wonderful people amongst us. The spirit of "Dugnad" (service to the community) that they are showing us is not only extremely welcome, it is a humbling example of how much can be achieved when people work together!

Plaques handmade by JJ Falcón

Some of the food we distribute every Tuesday afternoon.
Coin donations from the 2009 Christmas period came to over 1,300 Euros...
The students at the Norwegian School of Gran Canaria have, for two years in a row, brightened Christmas for needy children by purchasing gifts for other children and each gift was prettily wrapped and labelled with the age of the recipient and the donor (i.e. from an 8 year old boy to an 8 year old boy).
The "Club Los Amigos" has been tirelessly raising funds by means of numerous activities and in 2010 donated almost 12,000 Euros to us.

The two Norwegian Choirs held a concert in December 2010 and the DVD recording that was produced by Radio Noruega netted almost 6,000 Euros for our Food Project.

The Scandinavian Tourist Church in Puerto Rico has donated more than four thousand Euros to us to date. We gave them this plaque on February 4th in gratitud for their generous support.
A group of lovely private persons who call themselves the "Korttidsminneforeningen" (the Short Memory Club) collected one thousand Euros amongst their friends and donated them to us to make Christmas more enjoyable for the families. We purchased frozen chicken for all the families for Christmas dinner and different favourites for the children for Three Kings' Day.

Groups such as the Bridge Club and the Boccia Club have also helped us with donations. Several individuals have asked friends not to bring them gifts for their birthdays and anniversaries, but to make donations to us instead and these lovely acts of solidarity have brought in 4.300 euros in the past year. Many private individuals have brought in what they called "small" donations - please remember that 20 Euros buys 42 litres of milk. That makes a HUGE difference! No donation is too small if it comes from the heart!

Other solidary people have invited friends to luncheons and dinners and asked them to bring food items. One such occasion netted a shopping-cart full of assorted items.

The basket we have set up at the exit of the Hiperdino Supermarket in Arguineguin has been filled with donations of food all Winter.

Radio Noruega, the daily programme for the Norwegians who live in and visit Mogan, has been keeping the Community informed about us and our needs and operation and we are deeply touched by the tremendous support that has resulted.

We also know that Norwegian residents have been making a concerted effort to be active consumers to help local businesses stay alive. We have seen and deeply appreciate how groups of Norwegians meet in bars and restaurants for many activities and spend money there, how they are purchasing new furniture and doing renovations on their homes that are helping the people of Mogan to keep their jobs and earn their money.

All we can say is: thank you for being here, for being such excellent neighbours and for your unique brand of Dugnad.

Tusen Takk!

Proyecto Vecinal de Alimentos - Neighbours' Food Project Asociación de Vecinos "Las Lomas de Arguineguin"
Neighbours' Association Las Lomas de Arguineguin

Monday, February 1, 2010

Having more than 500 persons on our list

Having more than 500 persons on our list of needy families and needing to acquire food for them all each week, we have begun running a Flea Market every Tuesday morning at the door to our Food Distribution Centre at Miguel Marrero Street number 69, in Arguineguín (next to the nursery school, across from the Market taxi rank).

Open from 9am to 2pm, we sell anything that is donated to us for that purpose. Larger items such as furniture are not exhibited there as we have no space to put them, but if you offer us any piece of furniture we will find it a good home, either amongst our families or selling it through our cooperating shop Aladdin’s Cave (Ancora Shopping Centre and Calle Tanuasú – 637163434 Mandy)

If you wish to donate anything to us, please call 675 831 822 and leave a message or send us an e-mail to

All funds raised are devoted exclusively to acquiring food – our volunteers are not paid for their work and we try to minimise our operating costs by soliciting donations (this blog is a donated effort).
There is a basket at the exit of the Arguineguín Hiperdino for you to purchase an extra item and leave it there for us. If you would like to set up a food-collection basket in a supermarket in your area, please let us know – we would appreciate it.

Our priorities are: rice, gofio, juice, baby food, pasta, nappies, lentils/beans, tinned food for the homeless, flour, sugar, shampoo.....

If you are a business or a club (or a very helpful individual) and would like to sponsor a food item, we would be happy to tell you how much we need and you are welcome to purchase it where you like, at the best price you can find, weekly, monthly or as you prefer. The idea is to not have to worry where the next, say rice or pasta, is coming from. The amount is of course up to you, but as a rule of thumb we give out close to 100 kilos of rice per week, 50 kilos of pasta, 50 kilos of gofio, 100 litres of vegetable cooking oil....

Please tell as many people as possible about our project – we need all the support we can get. Unemployment is growing and state help is drying up.

Thanks for your support!

New entry on our Spanish language Blog, informing about our flea market in Arguineguín

Monday, August 31, 2009

Thank you very much

I am happy to share with you how happy we are to see how this BLOG has been welcomed by so many people

I knew there were good people around the world and that we’d be found far and wide, and I was not mistaken. How nice!
The first day I sent it around I got 50 receipt notices back, messages of support from all around the world: Mogán, Las Palmas, Tenerife, Madrid, Sweden, Finland, Norway..... even phone calls to show more personal encouragement.
The third day I got an unexpected e-mail from my friend Sonia in Australia, asking how she could help from Down Under!
The blog has not yet been up a month and we’ve already been visited almost 400 times to date! Fantastic!!!! Thanks to you all, you have given me a shot of energy to continue on this project, with optimism and hope! .
But that is not all, a German volunteer surprised me with a lovely gift – he translated the blog to German so we could spread it around the German-speaking population, so they can also help out, and he sent the news to local German-language publications who have printed it. Mr. Pedro Kraus, THANK YOU!.

We liked the idea so much we are now translating the information to other languages, for now, to English and Swedish, also done by friendly volunteers and as soon as we have them ready, I’ll upload the links.

Many readers asked for a bank account where they could deposit donations. It took a while but we found a bank that won’t charge us banking fees, for our volunteer work and here it is:
In the Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo (CAM), Arguineguín branch office, account number:
(IBAN ES62) 2090 5702 60 0040064235, in the name of the Asoc de Vecinos Las Lomas de Arguineguín.

We are also searching for supporters to help us by “sponsoring a product” of basic foodstuffs that we are distributing such as milk, eggs, bread, flour, rice, etc... If you are interested in helping us out, contact us in English and we will send you a list of the foodstuffs we are distributing (when we have funds to purchase them or they are donated to us). You can give us a one-time purchase or sponsor an item monthly, as you prefer. We are extremely grateful for all help!

So, who’ll jump in and help us out? In addition to our gratitude and smiles, we can also add your corporate image/logo to our blog to thank you publicly for your support.

As you can see, we are trying to make the blog generate income to supplement other funds by having adverts on it, and any funds collected will be also devoted to purchasing food.

My best regards and until we have more news, please be so kind as to keep forwarding this information to all your contacts.

Translated: Jenni Hymoff,

Translated: Gretelill Nordlander,
THANK YOU!.  Gretelill

From an Anticrisis idea to a Solidarity Project.

We are going through a crisis, some of us are better off than others, we have jobs, a home to live in and food on our tables every day. Others are juggling to survive daily.

Who doesn’t know of families suffering financial difficulties? In the past, their members had good jobs, were able to pay their mortgages and had normal lives, maybe without great luxury, but without the stress of not knowing how to pay basic bills; able to enjoy an extra or two now and again. And suddenly there is one or more unemployed person in that family.

I’ve been thinking deeply about that could be done and how we could set up ways to help each other mutually, without having to wait for public administration to step in, as they, despite the work they are doing, are insufficient. Having been a civic volunteer for any years, I prefer to trust in GOOD PEOPLE like yourself, you who are reading this right now and might choose to help us out in this project.
I’m only asking you to use your address book and forward this blog on to as many people as you can and ask them to do the same. We do this every day with jokes, videos and chain letters that offer us good and bad luck. Why not do the same for a solidarity project?
And should you decide to do more to help, even better! You’ll experience a great feeling!

My idea is to set up different headings for the types of help offered and needed: Food; Jobs; Time; Items in good condition; Help exchange; Barter; etc. But I am open to suggestions – I would like this to be a participative blog.

You can participate simply sharing your opinion by clicking
You can leave a comment with your offer of help. .

You can also leave a comment if you feel this blog has helped you, and in this way encourage others to believe that solidarity does exist and can be given and taken and so that someone feels less ALONE.
Thanks for the time you have given us, by reading this far.

Translated: Jenni Hymoff


Food given by the Food Bank of Las Palmas/ European Union on July 27 (More than 600 kilos)
(Photo caption)

Donations of FOOD

A Food Distribution Project has already been set up in Arguineguín.
The idea came from the Asociación de Vecinos "Las Lomas de Arguineguín" (Neighbours Association) and several neighbours are in charge of this project, but there is never enough help, and there is a lot of need in the area. All the needed paperwork has been done so that this help is legal, (“there is even red tape when helping others....” Good thing that we have volunteers who are not easily frightened!) And help is coming in from the EUROPEAN UNION every few months!

Good-hearted people are also donating food such as pre-cooked foods, fruit and vegetables from their farms (bananas, potatoes, oranges) etc.... A recent charity concert brought in funds for nappies and baby food! Thanks to Elsa McTaggart and Beccy Owen and their families!

The distribution centre has three refrigerators, a freezer and little more. But there is a lot of will to help and energy to do so!
We are located at Calle Miguel Marrero nº 69 (the old teachers’ house, next to the kindergarten/guardería, across the street from the Jewellery shop El Carmen and market square taxi rank) in Arguineguín, on Tuesdays (and sometimes on Thursdays if we have food to distribute) between 6 and 8pm.

A suggestion from Las Lomas (see comment) Would you like to sponsor a food item? Milk, flour, rice .... ?
If you are a businessperson, you can get a good price for your food purchase, and you can even deduct it from your taxes..... !

Would you like to help out?
Send us your comments and please don’t forget to add your contact details so we can answer you.

Translated: Jenni Hymoff